Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA
Out and about after the "polar vortex" left.


Tricia Smith and Michael Holland

The Goats

Alys, Gwynne, Kate, Molly, Rose, Remy, Claire, Hoshi,

Ruth, Gemma, Nora, Julia, Chloe, Mavis, Frances, Meg, Lisette, Adele, Birgit, Hazel, Maarit, Meja, Vivian, Ava, Joy,

Adair, Harris, Rowan, Clovis, Sabin, and


Alys and Joy

June 2014

June began with Alys taking newborn Joy around the corner of the barn. The Farmers' Market at Harvard in Cambridge restarted on Tuesdays. The solstice reminded us that it was time for bucklings Clovis and Sabin to move to the buck barn: they've been visiting there every evening, and the older bucks have been delighted by them. Beautiful weather for haymaking.


Above: First cut around the solstice

Right: 8 year-old Alys with her 3 day-old Joy