Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA
To the bucks


Tricia Smith and Michael Holland

The Goats

Alys, Gwynne, Molly, Rose, Remy, Claire, Hoshi, Nora, Julia, Meg, Lisette, Birgit, Meja, Vivian, Iris, Sally, Una, Astrid, Joy, Dana, Chloe, Harriet, Lily, June, Love, Ana, Hanna, Marisol, Grace, and Hazel


Rowan, Clovis, Prescott, and young Adair

2017 ACS Winners

March 2018

Kidding season.

We have both Oberhasli and Saanen kids available for sale as well as adults in milk and our Saanen buck Rowan. Possibly an Oberhasli buck for sale.


Above: Una with Abbott and Ariel

Right: Una's older sister Meg with 15-minute old Gabri and Hester