Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA
Out and about after the "polar vortex" left.


Tricia Smith and Michael Holland

The Goats

Alys, Gwynne, Kate, Molly, Rose, Remy, Claire, Hoshi,

Ruth, Nora, Julia, Mavis, Meg, Lisette, Birgit, Meja, Vivian, Iris, Audrey, Estelle, Sally, Una, Astrid, Vera, Joy,

Adair, Harris, Rowan, Clovis, Sabin, and



October 2015

The goats are out and about most of the day. We've just returned from a woods walk outside the pasture fencing. Milk production continues strongly. Molly, Remy, Lisette, and Julia have been bred for March kids.

Claire's Mandell Hill was awarded Best-in-Show at the 2015 American Dairy Goat Association cheese competition held in Boise.


Above: High pasture

Right: Claire's Mandell Hill