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General Information about
our Herd and Sales

We value healthy, well-conformed, well-socialized kids and adults. Making sure that they are is one of our priorities. Our kids are raised by their dams and herd mates, yet are engaged by us each day. Our herd is small enough to allow this.


The kids learn their places in the herd and how to interact with people and other goats of all ages.


We annual vaccinate the herd (CD/T and rabies) and do annual fecal screening on 10% of the herd.


Doelings and intact bucklings are registered as American Oberhasli.



With the exception of 2010, our herd has been closed with the exception of buckling purchases. We have tested our herd for CAE since 2001 -- all tests have been negative -- and now test dams for CAE every other year as part of pregnancy testing through the lab at UNH. Purchased bucks are tested at arrival to the farm and every other year.

Our herd has and has had no health or disease issues. We are part of the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (#MA-77). We are Animal Welfare Approved certified.


Our herd is not shown but is linearly appraised every year.

All kids, including wethers, have been ear tattoo'd. Breeding stock are microchipped.

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