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Sales - Companions

We will have 2018 wethers available . All will be ear tattoo'd, disbudded, castrated, and vaccinated. Companion wethers are treated exactly as goats being retained in the herd: all have been extensively engaged and handled by us yet raised by their mothers for a healthy and loving start in life. Our sale price for companion wethers and doelings is $150 and reflects the time and care we give to their well-being: they are ready to leave as early as 12 to 14 weeks of age. We discount 20% to 4H participants and for multiple purchases. Photography is always available on request.


An aside. When we have placed companions with a single horse, we've frequently placed them in pairs so that your goat companion won't always want to accompany you (and their horse) on your rides.



last revised Mar 2018