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2018/2019 Breeding Plan

Meg and Artero

Terms of Reservation

2019 kids may be reserved with a $75 non-refundable deposit with the purchase balance due prior to or at pick-up.


ADGA registration papers, disbudding, ear tattooing, and microchipping are included in the purchase price. For kids over 14 weeks of age they will have received an initial CD/T vaccination and a booster.


Shipping and health certificate papers are not included in the price. Age of pick-up is negotiable. We do reserve the right to retain any goat on the sales list for our own herd replacement needs. An underlined due date indicates that the doe has been confirmed bred via BioPryn testing at UNH. Prices below are for breeding stock. Wethered companion bucklings are priced at $150 each.


I'll begin filling out the table below when breeding commences in October.



Due/Kidded Date










Some Notes

last revised June 2018