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We've been raising and caring for Oberhasli dairy goats since I met John Miglio at a MassPike rest stop and brought home three very young doelings in May 2001. In our early years we relied on Pam Milioto at 4M Gateway Farm in NH for buck services. In 2007, we purchased our first buckling from Chris Alexander's Udderview herd, a White Haven Serenity son. We added a second adult buck, a White Haven Sousa son, from Kiki Brackett's Brackett's Sunburst 2009.

In 2010, the year we moved from Carlisle to Hardwick, we opened our herd temporarily and expanded the Class of 2010 by five with two Araby-Farm Saanen doelings from Araby Farm, a black Sparkling-Acres Oberhasli doeling from Sparkling Acres, a handsome bay Flatbrook Farm Oberhasli doeling, and Heaven's Hollow's 2010 Spotlight Sale Oberhasli buckling. In 2013 we acquired two additiona Saanen does and a Saanen buckling from Araby Farm.

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