Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA

The Retirees



Shadowfax Kay's Alys
dob 1 April 2006

2016 86 VEE+
2015 excused, Day 148 of pregnancy
2014 90 EEEV
2013 89 EVEV
2012 86 VEE+
2011 88 VVEV
2010 86 VVE+
2009 87 VVVV
2008 84 ++E+
2006 kid A+Ec +

Alys heads off Corey

Above: Alys @ 3 yo, mooching for vegetables
Right: Alys @ 7 yo, taking the herd to possum gaze

Alys became our herd queen shortly after we moved to Hardwick in 2010. 2017 was her last kidding. She is in beautiful condition at age 12.



Gwynne on the wall


Shadowfax Alys's Gwynne
dob 7 April 2007


2016 excused, shoulder injury
2015 excused, shoulder injury
2014 89 VEEV
2013 86 VEVV
2012 90 VEEE


Gwynne at 6

Above: Gwynne at 6 yo, fall 2013, up in the air
Right: Gwynne's smiling face showing lots of Oberhasli breed character

Gwynne returned to us at the beginning of 2012. She last kidded in 2013 and retired from the milk string in 2015 due to a shoulder injury.

Weber Sunning

The Herd Historian

Shadowfax Ada's Weber

dob 26 March 2002

Weber is our companion wether who came back to us after spending his first summer and fall at Allandale Farm in Brookline/Boston. He's adored by all. Wonder why?

We consider him the "Herd Historian" since he's known every goat we've had.



Above: Weber sunning, first Hardwick winter
Right: Weber at 2 yo

Field and Barn Patrols

Burlington Blacks Bear and Poppy

Above: Corey, Eliot, and Luna
Right: Bear and Poppy

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